Lissette Schaeffler is a Cuban born fine-art photographer and multimedia artist based in Miami. Her work focuses on exploring the connections between memory, time, and place. She received her MFA in photography from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2004.
Lissette has exhibited nationally and internationally in solo and collective shows for over twenty years. Her latest exhibitions include “Body+Memory+City” for PhotoAlicante2019.  Woman of Vision 2022 for Doral Contemporary Museum of Art. She was also part of  “Miami New Media Festival” where she exhibited some of her collaborative video work.  She was a Cintas Foundation Fellowship Finalist in 2013 and an artist-in-residence at ArtCenter/South Florida (now Oolite Arts) from 2010 - 2015.
Lissette recently completed a project residency at the Deering Estate where she collaborated with her husband and creative partner, Bill Cruz. The project is scheduled for exhibition in 2023. Their work is characterized by a duality in perspective informed by their diverse artistic backgrounds. Lissette's extensive experience in fine art photography along with Bill’s work in multimedia, music and writing combine to create a unique, multidisciplinary approach that fully captures the varied elements of the subjects they explore.
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